Any symptoms shown on the diagram could indicate that you need Powerflushing, your central heating system has circulation problems. This can be due to scale, sludge or corrosion in your system. Over a period of time your central heating system can become blocked and restrict the flow to your radiators making your system inefficient and more expensive to run

We can remove all these problems and restore the system to better circulation and efficiency thus extending the life of your heating system and reduce your energy bills.

In addition to power flushing we recommend you fit a magnetic filter, which will catch any remaining debris in the system before it enters the boiler.  This will help to extend the life of your boiler.

ShelRhia Plumbing and Heating are experts in cleaning central heating systems and have years of experience. You will notice the difference straight away with the performance of your central heating. Your system will be quieter and warmer and more efficient.

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We only use Kamco equipment. This company supplies the top of range products so our customers receive the best results.